So, I’m 30.

I have finally reached that age where I thought everything in my life would just come together magically. As if age was a destination to where life would one day make sense. Where I would finally have everything I need and know exactly what I’m doing. And I’m writing this right now to say that – I still have no idea wtf i’m doing. But as I reflect tonight on my 30th birthday, I’ve compiled a list of thirty things that I have learned over the last decade.

1. Cheap alcohol is not worth the calories. Same with drinking gross shots.

2. Soft cheese on the other hand… is.

3. Having a baby does not actually ruin your life – but it does put things into perspective.

4. There is nothing more precious in life than holding your baby.

5. Age is truly just a number.

6. It doesn’t matter how anyone else is parenting their children.

7. There is no law that says other people’s opinions are more valid than your own.

8. Staying in is the new going out.

9. If you want to do something – stop waiting for the right time.

10. People will judge you no matter what you do. So you might as well do what you want.

11. You do not need to justify what you’re doing to everyone or need their approval either.

12. Saying “no” to other people is not selfish.

13. It is better to have a few nice things than plenty of shit ones.

14. Same goes with friendships.

15. Realising your parents aren’t going to be around forever is devastating.

16. You also realise how damn much they’ve sacrificed for you.

17. Having more of anything does not make you happier.

18. A good skincare routine is important.

19. Going to bed early feels good.

20. And sleeping in makes you feel guilty.

21. You can do whatever you want in your life.

22. Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.

23. Getting fine lines isn’t the worse thing that can happen to you.

24. Life feels like it is fleeting.

25. It also feels more fragile.

26. You can convince yourself anything if you google it enough.

27. Flossing makes you feel responsible.

28. Childhood friendships are irreplaceable.

29. Taking risks are worth it.

30. And lastly, I still don’t really feel like I’m actually 30.


Would you agree with my list? Or what would you add?

Feel free to leave a comment below!