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One of my favourite parts about Instagram is the community of creative women and mothers it has connected me to. Social media certainly has impacted the social elements of our lives. Without a doubt, we aren’t as interactive in person as we used to be. Modern motherhood is isolating and Instagram has created an outlet for us all to connect and unite. One thing that really excites me about creating a personal brand online is collaboration. It is so fun, keeps you on your toes and connects you to amazing people and brands. Georgina from Lal & Nil and I stumbled upon each other through Instagram and quickly realized we love a lot of the same decor. We both saw this as a way to collaborate. She sells beautiful, organic kids quilts and we quickly realized that my art and her quilts would look pretty darn cute in the same space. We also saw this as an opportunity to run a giveaway for our followers together. These photos we took together in her son’s beautifully curated bedroom. Read on below for my three great reasons to collaborate.

It’s Fun.

It’s so cool when you can connect with likeminded peeps across the globe through visual content. You can make real friends here and come up with inspiring content together.

It grows your Audience.

Social sharing is really effective at getting your account in front of a wider audience. Tagging appropriately and being tagged on others’ pages does turn into genuine followers who are interested in seeing your work. Planning a giveaway together is a great way to gain new followers.

It gives you new, fresh content.

Sometimes running your own business feels like such a solo mission. It’s really important to work with other people who have a fresh set of eyes and a helpful opinion. It gives both brands/accounts new content to use and keeps you feeling inspired.


Speaking of collaborating, I’m always looking for new ways to collaborate. Feel free to get in touch if you think we could work together.